NIBRT will be providing a workshop on Monday November 12 covering Trends in BioPharma Manufacturing & Industry 4.0. There are a limited number of spaces available, so book on now to ensure you don’t miss out.

Session 1:
10am – 4pm
Trends in BioPharma Manufacturing
Programme below.

Please note: The workshop is not included in the conference price ticket and requires a separate payment to attend.

Trends in Biopharma Manufacturing


The growth of the biopharmaceutical industry over the past decade has been well documented. As this industry tackles the new challenges and opportunities, manufacturing models are emerging in biopharma and convergence with related industries.

This one-day workshop will provide an insight into the biopharma production process, the equipment used in biopharma plants, the operation of key utilities servicing biopharma plants as well as the process measurement, control and digital communication commonly used in state-of-the-art biopharma plants. Delegates will gain a comprehensive understanding of the distinct differences between traditional pharma plants and biopharma plants.


  • Introduction to Bioprocessing
  • NIBRT Pilot Plant Virtual Tour
  • Single Use Technologies
  • Control of Fill Finish Operations
  • Trends in biopharma manufacturing

This session has been designed to give a high level overview of the main areas in a modern biopharma production process. Trainees will gain an understanding of the upstream, downstream and fill finish processes of the biopharmaceutical production train.

This session will cover the following topics:

  • Difference between pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals
  • Basic genetic engineering
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Overview of bioprocessing Overview of upstream processing
  • Overview of downstream processing
  • Overview of fill finish and aseptic processing

Attendees will participate in an interactive 3D remote tour of the NIBRT facility (using AR/VR technology) which has been purpose built to replicate a modern bioprocessing plant with state of the art equipment. This session allows the trainees insight into the production process and the requirements for successful production, including the instrumentation requirements involved.

Disposable technology is widely used within the biopharmaceutical industry and has quickly become a mainstay within the sector. The technology is very attractive as it removes much lengthy validation of the system and does not require any CIP (clean-in-place) which ultimately reduces costs by removing non-value added steps from the process and shortening drug development time. This theory session will introduce the use of disposable technology in manufacturing operations and will highlight the readily available technologies that can be implemented in manufacturing operations.

This theory session is designed to introduce attendees to the principles of aseptic processing. By having a thorough understanding of the criticality of aseptic processing, the trainee will have a better understanding of how this area of manufacturing operations can impact the final product. This session will also cover the use of isolator and barrier technology in aseptic manufacture and filling, and allow trainees to have a better understanding of the principles and applications of isolator & barrier technology.

This session will discuss new trends in biopharma manufacturing including the impact of Industry 4.0 technologies and the manufacturing challenges of Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMPs).

Cost: €400

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